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Air Freight

Euro Delivery Services aims offering the highest quality service with most affordable cost also in air transportation to its customers by quickly and safely accessing to any location in the world through its wide agency network and independent partners.

We are providing you contracted cargo transportation services by air at every airport in the world. In addition to the cost and other advantages it provides, air cargo transportation is also a service that you can use expeditiously.

We fly to anywhere in the world

We are generating practical solutions for the needs of our customers by offering air cargo transportation service, one of the most frequently preferred methods in the logistics sector.


We are offering you this service in order to reliably meet the needs of our customers preferring air cargo services. We are providing practical solutions for your cargo needs by carrying out our operations on the main lines.

You can use this service of ours by choosing any of airport to airport, door to airport, and airport to door options according to your needs. You can have your cargo transported at minimum time through air transportation.

Advantages of Airline Transportation

Transportation has a vital importance in the economies of the world countries. It also plays a role in the growth of the whole world. Like airline transport, all transport services aim to help products and goods move faster and safer. Airline transport is the fastest vehicle to transport people and goods. The main purpose of air transport is not only to get people over long distances faster, but it also helps nations grow. The advantages that you can get uninterrupted transportation services, which are based on global trade and encourage economic growth, can be listed as follows:

High Speed Delivery: The longer distance is covered, the more time you will need with other types of transport. For urgent needs, airline transport is the best solution offering the advantage of high-speed delivery.

High Availability: There are a lot of flights for cargo delivery in our company. You can get a quick response to your requests from our company for air transportation, which is one of the most demanded transportation vehicles today. Naturally, airline transport has disadvantages as well as advantages. Expensive service and limited capacity can be counted as disadvantages of airline transport. Flights may be delayed and shipment may be delayed for several hours or days in bad weather conditions. In such cases, our company will inform you in advance and give you the necessary direction.